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Free Sketching Tips and Tutorials to Download in PDF format are shown below.
Pen, Ink and Watercolor Tip Sheets, Tutorials, and Practice Sheets for Drawing & Sketching.

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Prehistoric Art
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Practice life drawing from your PC, iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet, or Smartphone.
Sketch sculptures from the new Google Art Project as if they were live models in action poses.


Forget the 2 minute warm-up poses from
life drawing classes.

Now, sketch from models that hold action poses for as long as you wish to sketch.



Tour 17 international museums
and art galleries
now online in
the new
Google Art Project.
Sketch from my
"Artwork Collection"

Create your own.

Painting People Techniques:
Draw and paint human figures as focal points in your landscapes.
Free watercolor wash tutorial with practice sheets and proportions for human body.
Painting People in landscape turorial pdf free download
Painting People practice sheet turorial pdf free download
Painting People Exercise Sheet  pdf free download
Proportions of human body tutorial  pdf free download
Plein Air Sketching Tutorials: Street Views for Artists.
Download free Practice and Tip Sheets for Studio Painting - PDF

  Mimic Plein Air.
sketch online.
Or download the tutorial and sketch from your computer screen.
Free My Face Sketch Book
- Free My Place Sketch Book - Free A Sketch A Day Book
Download, print, and fold free miniature sketchbooks. Each uses one sheet of 8.5 x 11 inch paper.
My Face Sketchbook Mini-fold from one piece paper
My Place Sketchbook Mini-fold from one piece paper
A Sketch a Day Sketchbook Mini-fold from one piece paper
Mini Sketchbook tekmplate fold from one piece paper
Free Ink and Watercolor Sketching Tip Sheets.
Draw and sketch several compositions from each widescreen photo. Download PDF practice sheets with instructions.
Ink and watercolor tip sheets pdf free download
Ink and watercolor practice sheet 1 pdf free download
Ink and watercolor tip sheet 2 pdf free download
Ink and watercolor landscape exercise sheets pdf free download
Free Pen and Ink Sketching Instructions. - Techniques, and supplies for drawings and sketches.
How to mix the perfect brown Ink and waterproof black ink to use with dip or fountain pens.
mixing brown ink pen and ink drawing for sketch illustration
mixing brown ink pen and ink for sketching tutorial
Noodler's, Platinum Carbon, & Pelikan Inks
Blogs are marvelous venues for artists and craftsmen. Scans of your images, photos, and videos can be readily posted where they will be shared with others to create your own "Virtual Gallery". This Free - PDF file will guide you through how to build your own Google blog website.

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    Make a Watercolor
Paper Stretcher
with this
Free Instruction Sheet.

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  Test Your Own
Six Color Watercolor Palette
with this Free Chart.

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Fun Art Lessons
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